By Anne Reed

Denver, CO – Operation Rescue has been alerted to a July 20, 2022, emergency at Planned Parenthood Park Hill Health Center, formerly known as Stapleton Planned Parenthood. Sidewalk advocates captured video.

In response to a 911 call made from the Denver abortion business at 10:42 a.m., emergency medical personnel arrived to transport a 36-year-old female who was 23-weeks pregnant. According to the CAD transcript, emergent complications prevented the abortionist from completing the late-term abortion.

Presumably, she was transported to the hospital with her baby still inside her. Though her baby was likely already dead, we do not know that for certain. What we do know is that in today’s medical culture, over half of babies delivered prematurely at 23 weeks gestation survive and go on to live full, healthy lives.

But in this situation, legitimate healthcare providers manning an emergency room had to follow up on a horrendous tragedy that was, in part, intentional. Grievously, abortion is legal at all stages of pregnancy in Colorado, up to the moment of birth. Emergency rooms are, therefore, forced to face these types of emergencies far too often.

If sidewalk counselors were present when this mom entered the building, they undoubtedly did all that was within their power to dissuade her from making such a life-altering, detrimental decision. As heard on the video, others assured her of their love and prayers for her as she was wheeled out on a gurney while receiving oxygen therapy.

This is the 12th medical emergency Operation Rescue has documented at this late-term abortion business in the last 12 years. We do not know how many more undocumented tragedies have occurred.

“After nearby states have banned abortion, the volume at Denver’s blood-thirsty and money-hungry Planned Parenthood will likely increase, and so will the number of deaths and injuries,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“We will continue to make you aware of emergencies at this abortion business and others across the country as we work together to close down every one of these baby-killing centers!”

The work of praying pro-lifers and sidewalk counselors is more important than ever so that moms are presented with the truth and directed to pregnancy resource centers where they will receive help and hope – not dangerous so-called “care” that leaves them void of hope, with painful memories, and possibly life-threatening injuries.